Wednesday, August 11, 2010

untitled (yet)

even though the rehearsal tonight sucked ("we need vacations": nuno said, "we need a weekend out of here at last to practice and get wasted": filipe said. i said nothing), i came up with a sketch for a song's lyrics. we tried to do a new song but none of us liked it, we've even recorded it and we all felt it sucked (nevertheless tree songs can come out of it). anyway, i'll use my diary, once again, as a notebook.

untitled (yet)

i cherish this dream:
you and me
reading a book
by the sea.

on the bright sands
side by side
holding hands.

we'll find the path
we'll find our core
and watch our hearts
swim together offshore.

on that day
we'll finally see
all the time
wasted on anxiety.

i do believe we're very well
in a time that's parallel
i do believe we can be happy
believing in dreams is not that tacky.

.... (to be continued, or not)

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