Thursday, May 04, 2006

will fades will

you and i,
can't you see?
the perfect set
when you play the rocket
i can always be the jet

you and i,
can't you see?
together in a mutual smile
when i think loud
you stay silent for a while

you and me,
can't you see?
can make these days the best
reaching, teaching,
is this passion or a test?

you and me
can't you see?
could go left or could turn right
my world blooms
when he drink and talk all night

let's walk on this water
this bridge is under construction still
but i count all the minutes
'till your will fades in my will


macaso said...

Gosto de poder chegar aqui e olhar e ficar e sorrir.

Estou em falta para contigo mas tenho que pedir ajuda a quem me trata do blog.

Beijos com pedidos de desculpas...

onan said...

pá de próbleme má chér! je átande! merci bócu pur venire ici. étre tujures biênvenu. an biçu pur tuá óssi.sãlu.