Sunday, July 13, 2008

blame canada- 5

i'm googling amy's lyrics big time.
i loved her before you came into my life. i loved her, big time, for a while. but i never quite had the chance to really get focused on her words. and now, as i remind you, as i remind us in your car (as we cross the city), as i remind our love, i am forced, in a sweet way, to really get deep into her words. and, fuck, she is powerfull as i never thought she could be. she is quite a supreme writer. i'm really into her, into her words, into her writing. fuck... the girl is really awesome. you know i have a certain reservation about all that is concerning to her right now. you know i find it desgusting, i find it vampiresque, filthy, heartless. you know it shocks me to see a person, an artist, dying before everybody's eyes without any kind of sense of responsibility from world wide, youtube, media freak watchers. you know it pisses me off: all this live fast and die young, netcast, broadcast, alive, shit. so i quite gave up on her. but now, your love/mylove/our love made me come into her again. and i almost feel every fucking word she writes/sings. i feel so close to it. and this sense of closeness brings me back to us.
i'm eager for you to come back and translate me every single word of her. i'm eager for us to sing it loud in your car, the same words, the same amy, the same songs that make part of our path together.
in the end, i'm eager for you and i love you for all these things that i feel, for all these this that are happening to us. i'm eager for our togetherness.
i love you for who you are. "my fellow, my guy" and "they can't take that away from me".

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