Sunday, April 23, 2006

a portrait song for thee

a poem that, in a few hours, can become a song.
to fairychild (from portugal to iceland).
"it's in the water baby"

a portrait song for thee

with my L issue
in my english spelling
i can make it last in lusty leisure

with this night addiction
and my weak self-caring,
it all stays still with some sort of pleasure

well i am tonight:
a jolly drunkie,
low-fi poet,
supa troopa,

i was before:
the horny heart,
the regret sucker
all paradoxal
arty bitch

with my L issue
in my english spelling
i can always reach you; reykjavik

with these poor conditions
and my grammar melting
springs arrival always makes me sick

well i was:
the perfect lover,
head traveller,
lazy brain
in constant twist

half of me is:
huge and tiny,
neurotic schedule,
cursed genius,

these are, sometimes, words to feel an see
congratulate us
i made my portrait song for thee

i'd like to cross that bridge, i'd like to ride your bike,
always catch your fairy golden strike

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